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01.07.2006 - Unexpected but was definitely a great two-day event, although I didn't get to go on the last day which is also the showing of the movie. Trumpets perfomed a superb the theatrical version of the feature film. I get to see the last minute when I was just passing by the mall area. Seeing crowd of fans cheer and the people flickered with bright flash from there cameras. I entered the wardrobe just like in the film, that I saw from last night's advance screening.

Enter the Wardrobe.

A storytelling section by Powerbooks was there for the younger fans. A booth of Koko Crunch was there as well selling there products like hotcakes. You get to buy one box with a free Narnia toy, that changes color when you put it in a freezer and then blowing it.

A very festive event.

All I can say is I missed almost half of the festivities when I got there. I almost forgot about it after seeing the film, that there's an event by Powerbooks and Koko Crunch hosted by Drew and Iya. The event was very festive and loud, and there's alot of activities happening like the live statues of the Centaur and Mr. Tumnus. When you shout Koko they move, and there quite actors. There's also a photo booth, where you get you chance to have picture with the White Queen.

Shout KOKO and watch Mr. Tumnus move.

There's also a snow throwing section, but its not actually ice you throw they are actually balls painted in blue. There's also a book section, where all the published books being sold. For more photo coverage check it out HERE.

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