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01.06.2006 - My good friend JoeShred invited me to see the advance screening of Narnia courtesy of Monster Radio RX93.1, and it was mixed colorful personalities earlier in the premiere. JoeShred was early as he mentioned to me, and I was as always in a rush to travel to get there.

Getting ready for the BIG screen.

I arrived at exact 7:30PM via the MRT, and it was really a rush hour on the way there at the venue. Getting to the cinema level at the SM Megamall was never the same, whenever there's a premiere or an advance screening. But it was definitely a trip.

The crowd can't get enough of FREE ice cream.

Almost all the RX jocks where on hand for the event, but this time I get to see Tom Alvarez and Jelly Victor (2004 winner of RX93.1's Radio Idol) to present the advance screening. Before the film started they gave away gift packs, and would you believe I get to take home a bottle of Heinz catsup plus a hot sauce? Well just for wearing a red shirt I really did.

A huge turn out at the advance screening.

Anyways the event won't be great without the photos. Its only a few of them, but you won't mind checking it out HERE.

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