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Crowding The Area.

01.22.2006 - I've never seen quite like it. The Filipino masses still has unity when it comes to supporting one of our athletes just like Manny Paquiao. I was just passing by earlier this afternoon at Robinsons Place in Ermita. The crowed jeered and cheered for there modern Filipino hero.

The chearing goes...

Its actually quite a sight to behold seeing these people bunched in one area watching the big screen as The Pacman lands a punch at his opponent. This guy has got it all as prepared as before. Seriously I'm no boxing enthusiast, but I get to read something about Manny.

More People Crowding To Watch.

I didn't get to watch the whole thing though, but based on what I saw at Robinsons. It must have the same jubilation with the other places. People reacting with joy as Filipino pride kicked some serious Mexican behind. After the first match from last year this time its Filipinos all the way. I can't say that the El Terrible will have this match end quickly as what he said during his interview a few days before the title match.

Enjoying The Action.

I guess he didn't get to taste Manny's Filipinos local bread the pandesal, when he started commenting like that. Now I guess he's about to think of retiring after that remark. For now I just didn't paid attention, but seeing this people you can say we are proud to be Filipino.

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