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01.21.2006 - I just got home early this morning after the RX Thanks Giving Victory Party! It was a blast for the start of the year. A spur of the moment event that I'm sure you'll say I did not tell you. A week ago I've been hearing about it until I asked my good buddy JoeShred if there's any tickets for free. Well with powers that be he had the ticekts. I didn't tell you about it during the previous announcement.

The RX Sign.

Held at THE DISH ABS-CBN compound, where the Thanks Giving Celebration after winning the Golden Dove for Best FM station last year. Monster Radio RX 93.1 partied and rocked to the start the year right.

Hosted by the lovely Jelli Victor & the love doc Tom Alvarez.

I meet up with JoeShred and arrived at about almost 9PM. We thought the party has begun, and its a good thing we grabbed a chair. Two of JoeShred's friends also came, and he was suggesting I invite Azrael. But you know him being tied up at the moment.

Kitichie Nadal rocked The Dish.

Perfomances by Artstrong, Kitchie Nadal, Sponge Cola, and Hale rocked the venue until 1AM with mini-games in-between. Plus the RX jock gave the artist the awards for best male/female artists, and best band of 2005. You can view the event photos HERE plus more gallery photos featuring Kitchie Nadal soon.

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