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09.17.2005 - Its been quite a long time since I saw these guys. The last time I had the time of my life with my Artists' Den colleagues was last August during the Beerkada boog signings at Gloria Jean's Coffee in Shopwise Cubao.

The Mythology Class.

Though I was not only there support one of the well-known undergound artists like Arnold Arre, but the chance to hang out with the Den people. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Elbert & Camy, since they left earlier that night.

The Artists's Den gang.

Thank you to Lyndon for the Shakey's pizza & spaghetti treat. Too bad Azrael wasn't here to hang out with the guys. So I came here as his "proxy". I heard he was tied up with the "ball & chain". In Patrick & Jon's twisted story Az gets his you chained not only that there's also a tesla coil attached to it. Just kidding Az. =)

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