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09.03.2005 - Day Three of the International Book Fair seem more like Day One. As I got there in the early afternoon people are still coming. I didn't noticed about this event until I saw it on television. Sure I'm pretty much out of the loop for quite sometime, but I don't want to miss this chance to go.

Entrace is only TEN pesos and its like going to a BIG library of books, novels, magazines, and comics. I got to see all the mascots and other weird looking ones looking for reading materials. Its like a big ocean of... Books.

Getting in was easy but going around is difficult. Looking for something like a needle in a place like this is awesome. I wish comic book conventions where like this, but this is the International Book Fair and this is really a big event.

If you have the money four days is not enough to take home a library, and this event is yearly. I missed it a couple of times but not this year. I look around there's people with different ages looking from free to bargains to rare and hard to find books.

There's magazines and mostly I got to Summit Media publishing where back issues of FHMs are sold for only Fifty Pesos. The current issue can get you a free back issue. Actually that's a bargain right?

I was at Powerbooks but nothing's there to see because its the same thing with there other branches. Its just that they have sale items going around especially that Queer Eeye For The Straight Guy book.

The book fair as bad and good timing for me. Its bad `cause I my funds are minimal and good they got a lot of good stuff to go around. I went to the Time magazine section, and I got back issues for the months of June not to mention the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cover.

If that's not enough to freebies to go around I also went to the Newsweek section where I got one free copy of there's last month's issue.

I saw comic books too. Remember Central Comics Headquarters or CCHQ? Well they're selling all there stuff 50% percent off. Unfortunately my budget permits me to grab a book compilations of the last five or six issues of the Marvel released Transformers comics.

I also saw familiar faces among the crowd like Elbert and & Camy who where there at CCHQ. Elbert was leaving soon due ti that he has a meeting while Camy hang out with the owner of CCHQ.

With Artists' Den colleague Camy Francisco

I was there but I have to leave soon since I'm with my relatives and it was getting dark. But I might decided to come back tomorrow. So if you have nothing to do at home this place is for you to see.

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