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08.14.2005 - The weather was bad but it didnt stop MYMP & Mojofly from lighting up the crowd during the recently concluded 3G event at The Fort.

Getting there was a bit difficult waiting for a shuttle bus, that will be bring me there along with Azrael & our two other friends to the venue was really late. It was a diffciult decision where to go since the First Day Funk concert at the Araneta was free admission. I guess our instincts led us to the event The Fort instead.

The event was hosted by Crystal of 89.9 Magic FM try to riled up the fans with giveaways. When we registered at the entrance we actually got lots of freebies. I picked up three free magazines, that gave me a heavier load with my bag.

You know when there is an event there's me with Azrael in tow sometimes I'm on my own. Just like last time last week when 2BU celebrated its 2nd anniversary. During that time Azrael & his lady love Lace was at the Food Expo. I had that difficult decision to go to the 2BU event because its nearer from where I'm currently employed

the event was lighted up by Mojofly with two parts of there session. I never thought that Kitchie Nadal's replacement for the band's frontwoman would be this good too.

There was also another local online game known as Guild Wars who gave out a 10 hour free trail to access the game online. There where computer stations set-up for you to try out. Unfortunately all of them where occupied.

There where hot sports cars on exihibit as well that includes DJ Matt of 89.9 a former Radio1 colleague of mine way back during our Radio1 days was there to show off his cool classic MG.

There where also cosplay models for the Guild Wars promotions and mostly the hightlight of the event is the perfomance of MYMP & the givieways. Azrael even won the raffle for a wireless router. The lucky devil wanted a Walking Cinema but I guess that'll do for now.

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