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08.06.2005 - The rain wont stop, but the 2nd Anniversary of SUPER will weather the storm. I was reading the paper a few days ago when they announced an Artists' Fair organized by KC Concepcion would be put up prior to the I'Am SUPER Awards at 6:30PM.

So here I'am on a tight scheduled trip to The Fort's NBC Tent to check out what's SUPER has to offer on a rainy weekend. I thought I would stay long, but I got a day job --err night shift at the office. So I didn't stay that long up about 5:30PM. Azrael should be here to see it, but I guess that's too late.

I got to NBC Tent on foor because The Fort bus' driver didn't informed before hand, that they where going straight to Market Market. So I was like a bit of an i-rate customer when I got off.

It took me 15 minutes to walk my way to NBC Tent and it was really raining. I got there about almost a quarter to 5PM. So in short I was there for only thirty minutes.

When I got there I didn't noticed that there's a fifty peso entrance (which all proceeds will go to a charitable institution), which I forgot the name.

As I entered the halls of NBC Tent I saw a "flea market" style set-up, which I was expecting artworks & cool stuff to buy. So who did I saw making rounds at the place? Of course the organizer herself KC Concepcion, and other celebrities buying stuff there. Mostly the staff of Super that includes the man who started it... Tim Yap.

KC sign's an autograph

There where art and past articles of super in exhibit on both sides of the hall. The stage was behind the flea market where dancers, and models where rehearsing for an invitational event at 6:30PM.

In my short stay I didn't get anything. I was thinking that I'll be missing this year's food expo, but that's another story to tell. In the end KC let her hair down and I got artistic photos of her. I'll keep you posted at my Deviant Art page regarding KC's photo and that's it for now.

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