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06.27.2005 - If last year's Toy Con was the "Empire Strikes Back" this year's Toy Con was sort of redemption for some of my colleagues who has planned this unforgettable experience. I would say the trip was worth it and this year for me personally is "giving back" to the fans who believe we can make it.

As early as 5AM in the morning I was preparing for the event. I originally planned to go out of it alone, but I decided to go with my colleagues from Transformers Philippines who is gracious enough to have me around instead of commuting. The weather was great never thought I'd be this early since the 2nd Toy Con in 2003.

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After I got my stuff loaded at Joe's Pajero we where off, but there was one more stop before going to SM Megamall's Megatrade 3.

The last person we had to get was Mark Santos one of the TFPh guys who'll be stationed at the booth. It was amazing how these guys have learned to organize there game plan. I admit I founded the group and now they're running like a well oiled machine. Definitely proud of these guys that they have there independence without my supervision. So I'm mostly just there passenger... The extra baggage.

Without a doubt they have improved from last year. Early but one thing that they're not prepaired is packing the giveaways. I'm sure it was there game plan but not to the idea Mark Santos only made six giveaways from las t night as he told me with his other excuses. Azrael arrived a few short minute when we got there and unloaed our stuff. Practically we where liked confused on our designations. The TFPh people haven't set-up the large tarpal I picked up from Jerome. It was so big you need to have a big space to hang the huge Transformers poster aprroximate dimentions where "98x27. Freakin' huge.

So during the trip I thought everything as what I'm told was already planned. I guess the guys where not that 100% ready for the other things which they need to improve next year. Anyways going back to opening the Toy Con... Star Wars Philippines cosplayers are ready to enter the venue, but without a hitch namely people outside crowding the area. Well it was resolved and then the ribbon cutting has begun. The SWP people in there Galatic Empire outfits entered the convention and the gig was up.

So Toy Con 2005 has begun and going back ti the TFPh booth activity was not that all-time high until they have announced the high speed transforming contest. I myself was partially confused because of Azrael asking me to stay and then following him in the area. Well that went well during the event assisting the hosts with the whole program. Though I never got to go around that much I met some familiar faces in the event.

I saw Gerry Alanguilan and I was too shy to approach him about what he promised me last year. I guess he has forgotten that promise so I didn't ask him again, because I hardly knew him personally. I would thank him for the sentiments from last year's Toy Con when I told about the tragedy, where I lost all of my comic book collections after my house was burned down. Actually he offered that he'll "donate" a copy of Superman: Birthright as soon as it gets released in book format. I decided not to bother about it. Going back to the event I felt the urge of hunger for food and I've been around the place snapping pictures and greeting some of the people from the industry.

I have finally met Raymond Red the founder of Manila Joes (a group about 12 inch G.I. Joe collectors) and I even bought a 1994 Night Creeper Leader from him during the last few hours of the event. So far Toy Con ran smoothly and I saw RG Guanzon in the area. I haven't seen this guy since last May's New Worlds III event. I also saw Camy Francisco and her bf Elbert Ore in the crowd. So many familiar faces from different industries so little time.

It was a great event time went by and Toy Con 2005 was almost about to close. A lot has been happening over the course of the event, but I wont go any further detail. The Cosplay contest was hosted by RG & Cholo and Azrael decided to take a backseat in this segment. I myself followed him and ate free food at the organizer's table near the entrance/exit. nothing like the word "FREE".

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