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Jul 1, 2005

Pete's Toy Shop.

07.01.2005 - Yesterday was a rough day travel from Greenhills. I almost got late from work all his run arounds in the area who would. Actaully me and my companion came across a new toy store in area known as Pete's Toy Shop, which specializes G.I. Joe action figures.

Thanks to my friend OJ he has now influence me to start my G.I. Joe collections. Actually I used to own a bunch from my younger days. Unfortunately it was lost last year with the rest of my entire collections.

So here I was looking at the Valor VS. Venom series on the pegs. Now this going to be tough...

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

As I look at the new characters I hardly not familiar with. Anyways here's the rest of the stuff Pete's selling in his store.

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