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06.13.2005 - Long lines did not prevent me from getting my hands on the Batman Begins ticket that GENTEXT is giving away.

Fans lined up including celebrities and entertainment people from different varies of the media, who I know personally. Commotions on getting the tickets started when I was close to the finish line to sign-up.

Nearby standby where last minute to get the chance to have free invites for the event. The long line of people where divided two. I was ticket No.377 and it was only limited for the first 400 to get that chance.

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Even my friend who tagged along got the chance to be part of this rare occasion. During the long wait while standing in line for the tickets. My friend became a GENTEXT member instantly via text message registration. A quick one for Cris "Becoming One of US."

Batman Begins was such phenomenal to watch on the big screen. Similar to the same experience I had way back in 1989 when Michael Keaton was the Batman at that time. Seeing the new movie brings back high school memories. When I saw the Tim Burton directed flick at the now demolished Harrison Plaza cinema for PhP20.00 pesos at that time.

After the event I saw the some people from the Toy community namely Vic Yap, and Cholo Manllillin head organizers of the upcoming Toy Con 2005 at Megatra Hall 3 on June 26th. Celebrities can't be far behind as Viva Hotbabes Andrea Del Rosario, and Michelle Bayle was there to greet fans.

There's also a mini-Batman exhibit near the ticketing booth, that has toy displays. A large Batman Begins stand for fans to see. Don't missed out on the latest Batman flick to hit cinemas on June 15, 2005.

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