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05.05.2005 - Its a first day for everything... Again. Coming to terms with my personal road to a new life I got to learn a couple of things from it. Grow up and be... A little... Mature. I admit I can't change overnight but everyday I learn new things about me.

I'm Crazy. Sentimental. But rarely Emotional. New steps to come by with the new workplace. Just ignore my new hairstyle. Its not my idea having the same haircut as my Dad, but its quite new from the Grade School look.

A close friend told me it was sort of... Gay looking... Queer Eye of a Straight Guy. I'm Straight its just the hair that a few people say its Queer. Well enough of the hair.
Surely things are new again and even my lifestyle on how I view it. Life goes on like riding a new roller coaster. Life's good now a new challenge to it begins... Another first for everything? Yes it is!

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