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04.17.2005 – As we previously posted a couple months back about Comic Odyssey moving to its new location besides the Snoopy clothing store where the middle escalators located in the Pedro Gil Wing of the 4th level in Robinsons Place Ermita in Metro Manila. The old place will be renovated to take shape as another store that would cover the entire section where the gaming arcade used to be.

Its finally taking residence but the store won’t be open until in the next few months. The new location is convenient and you don’t need to walk all the way to the far end of the Pedro Gil wing and take the escalators all the way to the 4th floor. The new place will be more spacious and convenient to old and new customer alike.

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Finally Comic Odyssey gets a new facelift and a distinct look but the logo reminds us of another shop with the last name to use “Odyssey.” Actually it does remind us of that famed record store that’s currently the best shop for all your audiophiles.

The images you’ll be seeing here are the last of what the original location near the food court at the 4th level of Robinsons Place Ermita in Metro Manila. The new location will be bigger and more convenient and please post the news here soon…

Comic Odyssey has been around since 1997 and the original store is based in Pasadena and San Diego California USA. It houses hard to find back issues from the 1950s to the current ones that can still be sold for an affordable price.

For more inquiries drop by the temporary makeshift store besides the old location at the food court it’s the best place to get your comics fix!

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