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08.08.2017 – “Hot Wheels” has been innovative with some of their diecast cars and over the years they’ve been consistent with designing fictional vehicles. Most of these vehicles are sometimes based on real world cars.

One of these ‘fictional vehicles’ is the “Bread Box.” You might consider this for some just another diecast vehicle for 5 year olds. But to the diecast collecting aficionado it’s something more. It’s just that you might not like the loud colors for this version.

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For the past seven years since it was introduced in 2010, the Bread Box has not have a new iteration in the main line since the “Art Cars” edition in 2015. But outside of it the casting has been used for “Pop Culture Marvel” (2015), “Super Mario Series” (2016), and most recently with “Ghostbusters Series” for 2017.

The last regular release for the mainline was under the “Art Cars” subline and pretty much subdued to a simple painting over Metal flake Emerald Green as its base color. It was released in 2014 that would be considered an ‘Art Car.’

Cheerful Fleet Van

This iteration of the Bread Box was rarely seen in display racks in store, but collectors who want to complete various color versions this vehicle would consider the short card release probably a rarity. But don’t take my word for it as it would be great to look into this casting unsealed from its blister prison.

The design is based from the classic Jeep FJ-3 Fleet Van with its narrow wheel base and high boxy body by Jun Imai. But the modern take on the Fleet Van makes its more dynamic with its open roof glass makes it’s a hip-kind of utility vehicle. It still is right-hand driven as it was originally introduced 7 years ago as a small Mail Truck.

Colorful Paint Service

It’s quite noting how the Bread Box was inspired from that maybe Jeep can take its design cues in bringing the old Fleet Van back as somewhat light utility vehicle that can go through tight spots or small roads.

Overall the Bread Box appears cute wit the right motif or theme, but as a vehicle that have Marvel, Mario or even Ghostbusters characters doesn’t seem to have that kind of appeal. But probably who have been collecting the casting can appreciate it. For the mainstream casual and selective collecting populace that depends now if it catches their attention how they put a good theme on this vehicle.

“Bread Box” is part of the 2014 Hot Wheels series numbered 007 of 250 under the HW City Works sub-line under the enitre series manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired in Australia for $2.00 AUD or PhP 80.00 Philippine pesos.

Hot Wheels is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc currently retailed at PhP 109.75 pesos!

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