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07.26.2017 – If you’re around in Adelaide you’ll notice the vibrant places you’ll find street art. Eagle eyes can spot these impressive works of art from small Furby creatures to large scale murals they add up the city’s personality.

It’s rare that you’ll find some of them being painted by the artists behind each masterpiece. The other day this was a unique opportunity to see one of them putting the finishing touches on their works, which introduces local Artist Jake Holmes.

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At Vaughan Place a small street that has Gamma Ray Comics and where Palace Nova Eastend is located there’s a mural that’s almost finished by Jake Holmes, an artist who founded his studio Tooth and Nail. He’s been working at this mural for the last three days just a few walks at Exeter Hotel.

Holmes has been painting murals and making great works for the past 5 years and he’s not stopping. He has worked with various clients that include the government of South Australia. Besides painting large murals he’s also done some independent comic books. A founding member of PRINT CULT as one of the 7 contemporary printmakers he’s other works can be found at his studio in downtown Adelaide.

You can find some behind-the-scenes images of his mural taken last Monday morning, where Jake is hard at work below:

For more about Jake Holmes’ other works and illustrations you can follow him on Instagram at: @JakeToothAndNail

Visit the site at: JakeHolmesArt.com

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