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07.25.2017 – Everyone has their own mixtape or soundtrack in life. For “Baby Driver” it is the foundation that’s built in the narrative that the fresh faced Ansel Elgort portrays, a silent but talented wheelman for bank robbers working for Doc (Spacey).

Edgar Wright’s masterpiece has finally become a reality and explores music as the core of what makes it the much talked about the film outside of the fanciful superhero block buster films and science-ey space operas.

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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned heist-themed film that revolves around a great soundtrack. Sure. Guardians of the Galaxy has made that kind of formula built into a comic book film, but Wright has been working on this film long enough even pre-dating the time he was working on putting Ant-Man to the big screen until he left the project towards the tail-end of production.

“Baby Driver” was his next project he originally was making and it was a humble-kind of film that people don’t normally talk about. It had to convince A LOT of people out there without the hype machination given that Wright has already made films that made him a household name.

Wheelman’s Music

The six-minute preview was enough to give you reasons to see this film. Led by the young Elgort as Baby with an ensemble cast that has Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Lily James and a slew of names into the mix it's not your usual heist film. What makes it interesting is the music itself, which could probably also the star of this film.

Most soundtracks have great beats to make a feel-good movie, but “Baby Driver” IS MUSIC and it dictates how the pace and scenes go hand-in-hand. There’s a long list of songs that you’ll be seeing in the end credits that might not make it to the album.

Red Riding Hero

What is it with red cars? For those who have known Edgar Wright’s previous project, “Ant-Man” from Marvel, where he left it before it was finished would probably give you a constant reminder of that particular color. Though not the primary color of Ant-Man’s costume, but the car that Baby drives in the opening scene shown also in the trailers is a red Subaru Impreza, coincidence?

The vibe of this film is definitely something from start to finish the tone is impressive at the same time entertaining. There’s more to Baby than just a wheelman suffering from tendinitis plugged to his soundtrack and you’ll definitely want to see this as you dissect every scene, sound, and the entire visuals.

Mix Bag of Cohorts

The chemistry with the cast definitely adds up to the music and their portrayal of characters from authoritative to the unhinged. You can’t say all of them is bad but they are an interesting bunch of criminals that Baby is associated with.

Overall it’s a non-stop ride that never gets you bored and every scene has its own music. In this generation that’s made of blockbuster comic book films “Baby Driver” is a little red car that could give you a thrill of interesting characters and an edge-of-your-seat-kind-of film built around a list of music that’s worth catching in cinemas while it's still playing.

“Baby Driver” is not playing in Australia nationwide since July 13th distributed by Sony Pictures Australia. The film is headed to the Philippines on August 2, 2017, from Columbia Pictures, see it when you can!

RATED: 4 Out of 5 Stars

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