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05.15.2017 – Hot Wheels rarely produce castings of real world utility vehicles with more of the series emphasis on design concept cars that are entirely fictional. But when the brand does produce license vehicles it’s not exactly the real thing.

Most of the real world utility vehicles are being produced through the Matchbox brand. It’s a rare occasion that both brands ever released the same vehicle, but with variation to make the difference just like the Ford Transit Connect.

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The Ford Transit Connect is a compact panel van developed by Ford Europe. It’s also called as the Ford Tourneo Connect in some other markets that is currently in production that was first released in 2012. Hot Wheels first introduced this new casting in 2014 under the HW Workshop Garage in Metallic Blue followed with two color variation in green and red.

Test Facility in Service

Hot Wheels released the following version for 2015 under the HW Off-Road Test Facility. This edition have more details on both sides with the large “Hot Wheels” printed and a small wording of “Test Facility” near the front door panel.

Just like the 2014 its windows are tinted the same with the green variant. Though there are no details on the tire rims. When you remove from the packaging the “Test Facility” tampograph is easily erased, but the rest of its details are intact. What make it different from the real world version is the fins on the top of the rear roof.

Sporty Delivery Machine

Aside from the detailed tampo prints on both side and well detailed casting it would have been great if the rear doors can open similar to the MBX Moving Van. But overall this second version introduced for the 2015 series by Hot Wheels of the Ford Transport Connect is a welcoming addition to the brand.

Overall there’s more potential for the Ford Transport Connect with its use as a utility vehicle, but the recent appearance doesn’t have the appeal to make it a believable service that Hot Wheels should take advantage in its next release.

“Ford Transport Connect” is part of the 2015 Hot Wheels series numbered 98 0f 250 under the HW Off-Road sub-line manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired in late 2015 for PhP 80.00 pesos. Hot Wheels is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc currently retailed at PhP 109.75 pesos!

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