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01.04.2017 – The New Year is about change and a fresh start for everyone. Up Dharma Down included, which official start the year with a new name, but still carry the beats that made them known for more than a decade.

Now known officially as UDD is certainly sure they are ready to take on new things. Armi Millare made sure everyone will anticipate the new album hence with the reveal o their new single “Sigurado”, where a YouTube user certainly didn’t only stop to listen on Spotify but dedicated a lyric video for the band.

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MrHappyMan0123 a passionate Up Dharma Down fan has posted a lyric video of “Sigurado” that Armi shared a few days earlier that also revealing the band simply now known as UDD set to release their self titled album this year.

“Sigurado” the new single can definitely relate to everyone and this lyric video will give you an idea what’s next for UDD…

The full lyric o the song as revealed by Armi Millare can be seen on her Facebook below:

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