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02.13.2016 – Football or rather known as soccer in parts of Asian countries has become popular for all age groups. But would you be surprise to know that same sport is making an impact and inspiring younger girls to take this sport?

This would surprise you and it’s all true with the help of Filipino Senator Pia Cayetano in establishing he project promoting the sport to young girls.

There’s a football fiesta happening over the weekend at Bonifacio High Street for you to see.

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The kick-off event for inspired fans of the sport of Football dubbed “Pinay in Action Football Fiesta” is happening this weekend. This also will run through to Valentines Sunday as the two-day event is open for you to see how young girls in three age categories for ages 13 & under, 16 & under, and women’s & under can take part to participate in this event.*

Besides the football action you’ll see in a mini-set up pitch at the BHS Auditorium area there are some fun activities happening in the area and these events are:

GRAVITY YOGA by Beyond Yoga, where to give you a teaser on how to keep calm, relax, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with their ‘gravity yoga.’ This will give you an idea what their sessions is all about.

SUMO FOOTBALL could be one of the interesting activities besides seeing athletic girls in action at the mini-pitch. This one is open to everyone who would be interested to participate. Imagine if sumo wrestlers played football this is what you should see.

The event is also having food stalls and other partners sponsoring this event. But the centrepiece of this event is the Pinay in Action football for girl’s project by Senator Pia Cayetano, which certainly inspire young girls to take up this sport at the same time helps raise funds for Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation (GSF). This is another of Senator Cayetano foundation that she founded in 2002 that help programs like cleft lip and palate operations (over a thousand children have been successfully operated on) as one of benefits for those less fortunate. They also have programs and medical assistance as well as outreach programs that include running clinics.

But the Pinay in Action brings all together inspiring and empowering girls one goal at a time and this is the reason this project is promoting the sport of football. Its not only inspiring the girls to take up sport its giving the grassroots program a chance for girls in all sizes to find an active lifestyle in this sport. This builds interest in communities where they can participate, learn to be competitive, improve and appreciate the sport.

*Registration Fee applies for those participating in the mini-football tournament as follows below:

Girls 13 & Under (8 teams)
Registration Fee: PhP 1,500.00 pesos
Girls 16 & Under (8 teams)
Registration Fee: PhP 1,500.00 pesos
Women’s Open (16 teams)
Registration Fee: PhP 2,000.00 pesos

Pinay in Action Football Fiesta happening on February 13 to 14, 2016 at the Bonifacio High Street, which is a whole day event filled with activities. For more details of the event LIKE Pinay In Action on Facebook follow on Instagram and on Twitter at: @PinayInAction

Details on how to help support Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation follow their social media for more details just LIKE on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @GabrielSymphony

This event is brought to you by Pinay in Action in cooperation with the City Government of Taguig.

The event won’t be possible thanking event partners: Pinay Futbol
Saddle Row
Beyond Yoga
Magic 89.9 FM

Also made possible by: Slice
Century Tuna
Turf by Green Archers United

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