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01.15.2016 – This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend happens in Toronto to be hosted by the Raptors. Just like the American election the campaign to vote for your favorite player to be part of the All-Star event has been underway since December 2015.

Of course leading the campaign without any promotion is Kobe Bryant, and everyone knows it’s a proper send for the 20-year veteran as this is his last season with the Los Angeles Lakers. But there are others who started posting campaign videos…

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And they need your vote to see them play with the stars among the stars next month. The election campaigns are no longer for the politician in the US, but also to the NBA players that you want to see in the All-Star Game in Toronto.

That’s where the videos started appearing toward the last week of December from DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo of the Sacramento Kings to Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks they put their game face on how to capture their fan ballots. From taking inspiration to a classic soft drink commercial to making a parody of a well-known Republican front runner these NBA players knows how to rally their fans in voting them to be part of this annual occasion.

Sure it’s like a textbook play and Andre Drummond just have some help from the President of the US to get your attention. Then there’s Karl-Anthony Towns who knows how to capture your votes being cute with hi name along with his cat. Of course the host of this year’s All-Star weekend have Kyle Lowry just straight up campaign to give him the chance to be part of this event. But surely you can’t get enough being entertained with these creative ways to get your vote.

There will be more where that came from a few short weeks away before the event happen so vote now if you will or just gets mesmerized with these players campaigns.

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