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01.14.2016 – The most decorated Football player from Argentina in this era is Leo Messi, the forward for Barcelona and the Argentina national team ranked the greatest ever to play the game.

You can say he’s got it all having won his 4th FIFA Ballon d'Or the last one in 2013. Messi is impressive, but the man doesn’t see it the way his fans do because even an athlete like him his perspective is like any artist he creates…

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Leo Messi has cemented his place as a phenomenon in football with a fifth FIFA Ballon d’Or. The award is the greatest acknowledgement of individual success in football. But, in a new film released by adidas, it’s not the records broken, the trophies won, or the accolades which matter most. Messi is here to create.

The film is the first part of adidas’ new campaign “I’m here to create”, heroing the athletes for whom creativity is their most powerful weapon. It is their unwavering sense of self belief that allows them to create the unexpected, the skills that have never been seen before, but that millions will try to copy. For Messi, that attitude drives him for every goal, every game, and every record that he breaks. Messi is here to create, and adidas is the brand of sport for the creator.

His record fifth Ballon d’Or has completed a phenomenal year for Leo Messi in which he led his team to league, cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup success. Messi also led Argentina to the finals of the Copa America 2015 adding national team success to another incredible year for his club. The Ballon d’Or adds the ultimate individual accolade to the glory Messi has brought to his club and country in 2015.

But the new film celebrating him has declared that Messi, the ultimate creator, is “not here for the past, for the praise… not here for the celebrations, for the records”. Messi is here to create.

Featuring some of Messi’s most iconic moments – the skills, the goals, and the nutmegs which still haunt players – the new campaign from adidas celebrates not Messi’s records, but the moments that he made football fans around the world get out of their seats. The moments he created a piece of magic that left even his opponents in awe. It is those moments that have led Messi to the honour of his fifth Ballon d’Or.

adidas’ “I’m here to create” campaign celebrates his most creative moments as Messi’s legacy, beyond the growing list of records. “I’m here to create” is also a statement of intent as the world watches to see what Messi will create next in 2016.

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