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01.12.2016 – When it comes to realistic vehicles based that exist in real life Matchbox has been that brand that makes these collectible diecast cars. For years it was one of the most popular toy brands out there until the mid-1990s when Mattel bought Tyco.

Tyco was an American company that owned the Matchbox brand, which was brought from New England the original manufacturers. Mattel owned Hot Wheels its rival and ever since Matchbox was never the same. But sometimes they still produce good quality diecast cars its just not as often they do with fire trucks like the Blaze Blitzer.

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The Blaze Blitzer is a fictional representation of designs based on a real-life fire truck. This was first introduced in 2013 and Matchbox has produced a total of 5 variations of this vehicle with changes to the wheels that includes the colors of the windows, running lights, and body color.

Matchbox has produced various real-life based fire trucks, but this is one of those fictional vehicles that they got it right. They have been coming out with fictional vehicles that didn’t make sense that Mattel could have just do it with their Hot Wheels main line. They should continue putting out licensed vehicles based from real vehicles on Matchbox instead. Because the brand was known for that in the beginning, but this is a rare part for them to come up with a fictional fire truck that was done right.

The Blaze Blitzer might not be the last fictional fire truck Mattel will produce, but collector reception is rare nowadays who would really appreciate the design rather than just buying it because it was ‘cool.’ There have been specific functions made fire trucks to deal with various situations. The Blaze Blitzer is no different from any of those who came before. The design mostly makes its more based on fire trucks that are assigned as rescue vehicles in the airport.

The five-pack that was released in 2014, which include the Blaze Blitzer was in lime-green and was a fire truck vehicle assigned in the airport. It’s the same for the previous color variation before this version. This variant with more of deep red and yellow accents that’s assigned as a fire truck for the city doesn’t appear convincing to be that kind of function.

This version have clear translucent windows that also includes its running lights and changes with black opaque interior compared to the first release and the color variant before this that’s in grey.

The wheels are now ringed gear white that compliments the black chassis and the markings highlights “MBX Fire Department” logo that has labelled this fire engine designated with the number “09.” The water cannon on top of the roof are still molded to the body as compared to the product art on card. But overall this latest iteration of the Blaze Blitzer is an eye catcher to those who are into rescue vehicles.

Its solid design makes you think about this being based on a real-life fire truck, but either way its one attractive fictional vehicle that probably someone out there is incorporating its concept to make a real one in the future.

“Blaze Blitzer” is part of the 2015 Matchbox series numbered 66 0f 120 under the Heroic Rescue sub-line manufactured by Mattel distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc retailed at PhP 99.75 pesos!

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