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01.17.2016 – When art meets brewing beer the possibilities have great potential. When you think about it in the Philippines it’s basically unheard of, but this concept has been done in other countries and the result shows great appreciation for both.

If you’ve been to art galleries the most common drink they have is beer, and you always go there either to see art and support their passion. But having both becomes one big celebration that’s something to see and taste.

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Craftpoint Brewing Co. and Vinyl on Vinyl certainly made it happened last night when three artists where featured in the first ever collaboration entitled “Art of Brewing” that showcased not only the works of these talented individuals they also had the chance to create their own beer.

The marriage of art and producing a home grown beer was a remarkable hit that packed Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery to the brim with a celebratory. This definitely was a winner with the crowd who had the chance to have their first taste on these three artistically brewed beers from Craftpoint collaborating with the featured artists.

During the promotional announcement of the upcoming launch you’ll be thinking this is just an event featuring the artists’ works in the beer labels that also showcase their work. But it turns out its something more which includes the personality of the beer that was brewed by Craftpoint with the artists’ on-hand what they would like their beer to taste like. Marushino Nada one-half of the art team of Electrolychee gave the back story on how the process started sometime in October 2015.

Each of the artists had a meeting set up with Craftpoint to help them produce their unique blend of flavour and taste what they wanted in a beer. Dee Jae Pa’Este even mentioned how it came altogether that seemed impossible, but its here and people started lining up early before the doors opened at 6 PM on a Saturday night.

Three artists featuring Dee Jae Pa’Este, Electrolychee and Tokwa Penaflorida have their works showcased with their unique individual presentation of their locally brewed beer that went sold out before 9 PM.

The one-night only event certainly was impressive and entertaining at the same time where everyone was just having a ‘chill vibe’ written all over it. The beers where sold at Craftpoint at the same time assigned food vendors where there too.

Music provided with live acoustics and a hearty drink of the three locally brewed beers having great conversations with the people around sounded like a great night to end Saturday don’t you think?

The “Art of Brewing” is a one-night only affair featuring three artists with their works and their version of locally brewed beer and for more about their locally produced beer LIKE Craftpoint Brew Co. on Facebook.

For more upcoming events and shows LIKE Vinyl on Vinyl on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @VinylonVinyl

Visit the site at: VinylonVinylgallery.com

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