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11.13.2015 – Pepsi in other countries like in the Philippines is underrated. But you can still find them in stores. In the US that’s a different story because of one of their popular commercials.

The “Uncle Drew” commercials are unfamiliar, but for those who have seen it on the internet knows the story. It just released its fourth chapter about an old man who knew how to play ball…

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Of course Uncle Drew is a fictional character portrayed by Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving who also wrote and directed the short film. It’s the fourth instalment of the ‘Uncle Drew’ series of commercial and the last one was in 2013.

Uncle Drew is one of Irving’s popular personas off the court that has spark a cult following for those who haven’t heard or seen the TVC. The latest chapter features some interesting characters just like in the previous chapters portrayed by former and current NBA stars.

This was a the most long awaited story of ‘Uncle Drew’ taking him to the streets of Miami where he played HORSE with Skinny Walt portrayed by none other than NBA’s sharp shooter Ray Allen. To round out the cast they where joined together with former player Baron Davis and actor JB Smooves. It looks like Uncle Drew’s story is not over yet.

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