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11.22.2015 – The Food Truck did not just become part of American culture or even globally known, but its beginnings started as far back as 1800s where the Texas chuckwagon was the precursor of what is now known today.

Matchbox has been more into realistic vehicles and producing its modern take on a Food Truck released in 2012 was one of its new models for that year. There have been three color variations that are out there, but this white version casting has started it all.

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Let’s face it everyone enjoys seeing a large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food. So far there have been several that are out that count that serves an estimated 2.5 billion everyday. They are part of the growing phenomenon that also serves gourmet cuisine and a variety of specialties and ethnic menus, have become particularly popular.

Food Truck on Your Hand

So what does have to do with a Food Truck diecast toy produced by Matchbox? If you’re just into collecting who knew nothing about it then there's no appeal not knowing the relevance why this Food Truck makes an interesting vehicle to have it.

These days Food Trucks are popular not just they are colorful, but interesting to see how they’ve become known for serving unique gourmet cuisine, and if you adore eating scrumptious meals not sold in restaurants or even fast food shots they are your go to for something different and fresh made on sight.

Mr. Lugo’s Serves Great Food

If you haven’t seen Jon Favreau’s indie film that he wrote and starred in the Chef then you should to give you an idea what’s life of a Food Truck owner feels like. But unrelated to the Matchbox’s Food Truck it gives you a little relevance why its one of the interesting vehicles that was released in 2012.

Mr. Lugo’s may not be as popular as the Food Truck in Chef, but its sure captures the elements what you see in a pop-up restaurant serving some mean Hot Dog Sandwiches. The body is entirely made of plastic with translucent green windows and sun roof where you can see the details of what is inside a regular Food Truck, which is more spacious than the actual truck itself.

Fictional in Look But Realistically Detail

The 2012 Food Truck was released in two color variants which are purple and white. Regular release that you’ll often see is the white casting with orange diecast chassis, while the purple version have clear translucent window and grey diecast chassis.

This is not the first time Matchbox has produced a Food Truck it had previous models, but this one captures the modern version that you see in the street. The 2013 version was not as detailed as this model as you can see the opening side of the 2012 comes with grey plastic while the recent one was molded to the body of the trick.

Overall the “Food Truck” released in 2012 has far better details than the 2013, where Matchbox has cut cost in the product value. If you can still find the first release of this Food Truck it’s definitely worth it.

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