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03.22.2015 – There are different types of trucks that provide functions and services. But when you talk about heavy duty trucks you think about those haulers that connect to a container or a flatbed that transport heavy machinery.

They are known as tractor heads sometimes there’s six or ten wheelers depends on how heavy it’s hauling. Then there are those types that they modify to be used in racing circuits like cars and these are supercharged that Hot Wheels named one “Semi-Fast!”

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No doubt some might not know that semi-trucks are also being used for racing competitions as far back in the late 1970s or early 1980s and they are huge events in Europe and North America. Just like the cars you see in racing competitions there are also big rigs participating in these events.

It’s either Le Mans-type racing or two big rigs competing for drag racing you name it like the cars there are also trucks. Mostly there is the Heavy Truck Racing similar to the Indy 500 only tractor heads compete and you’ll find it interesting to se them drift too.

Though not popular in some parts of the region like in Asia they are known in the US, and just like that Hot Wheels also produce die cast vehicles based on these big rigs. There’s one that was introduced that was included in the 1999 line-up under the ‘First Editions’ sub-line of new Hot Wheels collectible for that that year.

This “flat-face” truck was known as the ‘Semi-Fast’ designed by Mark Jones from Mattel. It’s basically a modified tractor head for racing. What’s so interesting about this juggernaut is that it shows being a racer.

The ‘First Edition’ of the Semi-Fast came out in 1999, and its colored red with yellow and black stripes with minimal sponsors like Good Year which you’ll immediately see. The entire body is made of plastic and it does consist of two pieces. The windows are tinted and this sports a 5-spoke wheel type. The main chassis is unpainted metal depicting the name of the vehicle and it was manufactured in Malaysia.

What makes the ‘Semi-Fast’ one of those favorites is because of the amount of details incorporated from the racing spoilers, sponsors, sporty tires and its impressive rear engine that you’ll see in the middle of the truck.

When it was released in 1999 Mattel produced two color variations that introduced the red version, which you might still find it being sold in specialty shops that carry a wide range of Hot Wheels die cast from past to present. The second release also in 1999 is the black and red version, which no doubt is uncommon but still has the same stripes only this time the primary color is yellow instead of having black run on both sides.

The ‘Semi-Fast’ had eight color variations that includes the black and red version, which was produced from 1999 and discontinued in 2004 then it was replaced by ‘Semi-Fast II’, which is entirely a little bit exaggerated with a huge engine block and a spoiler in the rear that is so different from its original predecessor.

This of course makes ‘Semi-Fast’ simple in design and it’s close to the appearance of the rigs competing in the Heavy Truck Racing and other race-related events.

Overall the ‘Semi-Fast’ may not appear to be popular unlike the cars Hot Wheels produce annually, but it would definitely catch your eye if you’re into trucks and other large vehicles. It’s something newbie die cast collectors would look forward to acquiring for its simple appearance and well detailed aesthetics.

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