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03.21.2015 – There have been established car manufacturers that are still relevant today. But there are also truck manufacturers that till continue to help build small businesses. For forty years they’ve been consistent in that department and ‘still trucking’ today.

That company is Hino a global brand that began in Japan and has been in the Philippines for forty years known as ‘Pilipinas Hino Inc.” They are a company who built different types of trucks that would help with the job and they’re here to celebrate forty years.

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The company continues to expand the global brand proclaims that they are the ‘one-stop truck and bus manufacturer’ in the country. They originally started as a joint venture between Filipino investors, Hino Motors, LTD. and Marubeni Corporation of Japan that established the brand in 1975. The company started to assemble trucks and bus chassis under the ‘Progressive Truck Manufacturing Program (PTMP), a government initiative that aimed to increase local content in commercial vehicle production.

Currently Pilipinas Hino Inc. (PHI) has evolved into the company that responds to the specific and unique requirements of the commercial vehicle transport sector. “Traditionally, Hino has been known as a manufacturer of medium to heavy trucks and buses,” says Vicente Mills, Jr., president of PHI. In 2009, we launched the Dutro series, a line of light-duty trucks which caters to transport needs of small and size businesses.”

During the ‘World of Hino’ event that celebrated the company’s 40th Anniversary they have a collection of trucks and buses on exhibit that can be used in various types of use. PHI is not only a company about assembling trucks and buses for corporate that required bigger machines, but they also have medium-type vehicles that you might find interesting to see that was on display during the event and here are some of those types.

School Bus and Rescue Ambulance

Pilipinas Hino Inc. has been producing big trucks and buses, which they are now also assembling small and medium-size vehicles. There where a few of those type of vehicles that can be used for small-businesses. Most of them are city use like School buses and Rescue Ambulance, which is using the HINO 300 Dutro truck body a medium size vehicle that can be modified for these types of use.

It’s interesting to see a vehicle that was originally built for services like a delivery truck that can be modified for a small-type school bus of a Rescue Ambulance that have all the necessity needed for the job at hand.

The school bus has enough capacity to fill up passengers that are also following the safety features. It has enough storage for the students located at the back of the driver. The Rescue Ambulance has the necessary medical equipment that comes with the need for the patient that’s needed to be transported to the hospital.

Garbage and Sewage Truck

There are also HINO trucks that are built for ‘transport quality’ this is where the HINO 500 Series can be used. These types of trucks are work horse that can be integrated for the city use and there are two types of HINO 500 series where on display that definitely fit the job that demands its proper use.

In a crowded city that produce metric tons of garbage everyday you need a truck that can haul in and transport it to either a recycling plant or a dump site. The HINO 500 series truck has that version of a garbage truck. This depends on which type of garbage truck can be used in the city.

There’s the standard garbage truck that have a the trash compactor at the back, which was currently on display or the more efficient and current iteration of a modern version that employs a robot arm without the need of an extra human assistance and without the need for the driver to get off the vehicle and collect them which some countries like Australia have been using for sometime with convenience.

PHI can produce these garbage trucks and it depends on the modification that you need to get the job done. Then there is the sewage truck that has the necessary equipment to transport toxic stuff found in the sewers. This one is longer and modified to transport sewage and have the gear to suck it out beneath from the cities underground.

The Hino Bus Series

The most known vehicle that Pilipinas Hino Inc. produced for business is the buses, which also includes the Dutro version of the School Bus.

Their modern version of a standard transport bus have all the bells and whistles enough to transport your basketball team or travel in a rough terrain to bring you to any immediate destination in your province. The one on exhibit showed that it has enough storage under its belly and it’s well-lighted.

This is their current model of a transport bus and it depends on the need of the business how it is well used. PHI has worked hard to produce this type of vehicle that follows the demands of safety on the road not just appearance and aesthetics, which is why they are the one-stop truck and bus manufacturer in the Philippines for the past 40 years.

Moving Ahead with More Trucks

PHI also produce other types of trucks from vehicles that have cranes, construction related use or tractor heads that haul tons of delivery all on display at the World Trade Center in Pasay City which runs from March 20 to the 22nd.

Moving ahead they will continue to expand building assembly plants outside Metro Manila and have been slowly expanding their reach in the south preferably in Cebu and Davao where most business demands for the use of trucks and buses that PHI can benefit from. But with regard to the future they don’t have immediate plans to incorporate other types of technology like hybrid vehicles.

During their press conference there have been questions about their immediate future plans. They safely say they don’t have plans on incorporating this type of technology that other companies have been slowly introducing in the market. Being a traditional company you can understand where PHI is headed in the future.

They say the demand is not there and the cost is still not within their reach, but surely PHI is confident they will its not yet in their portfolio. For now they continue to expand their market within the country where you can see HINO trucks and busses traveling on the roads and probably in your city for the next forty years.

The World of Hino is open to the public beginning March 20 to 22, 2015 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.For more about the event and further inquiries LIKE Pilipinas Hino Incorporated on Facebook!

Visit the official site at: PilipinasHino.com.ph

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