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02.11.2015 – The Wedding Ringer has been showing in other markets across the globe and the Philippines is the next one to get the chance to see how this comedy fair up with local audience who appreciate a few good laughs not that everyone is to serious.

The on screen duo of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad is a new combination, but not only that new faces ready to entertain uncharted crowds not entirely familiar with them. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of Big Bang Theory joins the cast in this supporting role.

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If you’re a fan of such films like Hitch, I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, and other comedies that has something to do with friendships, and love with a dash of superb humor you’ll enjoy seeing this as Kevin Hart and Josh Gad gives this movie something for you to catch it when it opens in Philippine cinemas.

It’s All About Chemistry

Josh Gad for some unfamiliar to his name, but has some familiarity in his voice is none other than Olaf from the Disney hit Frozen. His signature buck tooth is there when he smiles and you look at Olaf you immediately say THAT’S him.

Kevin Hart the hand could not be compared to past comedians as he has his style on his own appearing in small roles in The Little Fockers, Ride Along, and About Last Night. This time taking second or lead roles but for The Wedding Ringer its all Hart with a first tandem with Gad together for the first time that carried this film entirely

The Bride Aren’t Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has been in minor roles in films, but everyone knows she’s a hit in Big Bang Theory. There are little details on her role but she’s the one for Josh Gad’s character and yes the bride has something more to reveal when you see it in the big screen. Entirely what makes all that interesting is the other cast of characters that brings this movie to a good Pre-Valentines humor.

Since it’s nearly the month for the love this one’s a good film to see over the weekend, while Kevin Hart is set to appear on his next film with Will Ferrell in Get Hard you should try to catch him be the guy to walk the aisle with Josh Gad for a few laughs.

Objections Not Be Denied

Overall the Wedding Ringer might not have the best narrative, but what makes this film enjoyable to watch is the partnership between Kevin Hart and Josh Gad that brought this film an alternative to see this Valentine weekend. NOW PLAYING in Philippine cinemas from Screen Gems distributed by Columbia Pictures PH!

RATED: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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