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12.07.2014 – When the NBA Store officially opened to the public Saturday morning there was already a long line of people anxiously awaiting to see what they can take home. There were A LOT of merchandise to go through from apparels to collectibles.

But what makes this NBA Store unique aside from the signed memorabilia is that one part of the store dedicated to customizing your very own NBA jersey. It’s been a long time since everyone wanted to have their name on it and now it’s become a reality.

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For those who have followed the game its been anticipated that NBA would open up a store dedicated to their teams, and merchandise that you can only get when you ever have the chance to travel to a state in the US that have an NBA team. But for those who can’t see these stores it was really different. But what fans clamor for is personalizing their very own NBA jersey with their number and name.

Steps to Customizing

Now with the NBA Store, the biggest one to date outside the US has finally brought that concept and it’s now accessible to everyone who has no luxury to travel. There are just simple steps for you to personalize your very own NBA jersey. But like a prestigious basketball league in the world there are also restrictions and guidelines.

To personalize you NBA jersey its practically simple and it only takes you 15 to 30 minutes to have it done by the remarkable staff you handles this particular section. The area where they have it processed can be located at the second level of the store just right before you enter the gallery of signed NBA memorabilia.

Choose a Team

The NBA has thirty teams and you can pick and choose which one you root for. In the process of customizing your name and number you first pick the team. They currently provide the most popular ones as of this writing.

You can see a blank jersey laid out on the side where you choose. They have the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, and the Brooklyn Nets. They have mentioned to add more teams to choose from once the store is fully operational with customizing your jersey with 30 teams.

Your Name and Number

Like the association there are restricted numbers that you can’t use, but this might apply only in the US though for more inquiries you need to ask the staff assigned in this section. What you’re allowed to do is putting your name at the back of the jersey a maximum 13 letters and they don’t allow numbers or characters.

After choosing a team shall we say the Chicago Bulls and have decided the number and name to put into the jersey they will begin the process in putting them together.

Drafted to the Team

They use the usual jersey produced by adidas without the name and number in the front or back. It’s the replica jersey that’s sold for PhP 1,995.00 pesos. The staff assigned will be seen choosing the number and measuring the space in your name at the back. They will ask for your ideas how your name will be spaced in-between.

You get to choose your very own number, but most of the people who came to the store only wanted a jersey with Michael Jordan’s name at the back. It won’t be a replica jersey anymore as this version of the Bulls uniform has the logo at the back. Michael Jordan didn’t wear this particular version.

It would be also obvious that the logo of adidas can be found in the jersey where the original jersey worn by Jordan was produced by another brand long ago. So it’s more like the idea of wearing your own jersey would be better than having “Jordan” in it. But this depends on what every fan wants but there were a lot of people who had customized their jerseys with Michael Jordan in them.

The Post-Process

After waiting to have it seen being pressed, ironed, and steamed you get the jersey take its own personality. It was a quick one if you just see the staff work their way in getting those names and numbers together.

You’ll get a kick out having them once its finally done from twice being ironed up to the part they steamed the jersey. It’s finally here that NBA have opened their first store outside the US and bringing this particular interest in customizing your very own jersey.

Overall after getting the jersey done you head to the cashier as the jersey and personalizing it cost PhP 2,795.00 pesos. Their advice upon having it done it takes you two days after to wash it. For more inquiries and details about personalizing your very own NBA jersey LIKE NBA Philippines on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @NBA_Philippines

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