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11.19.2014 – The reigning NBA Champion the San Antonio Spurs has been a team fun to watch when they are on the rod or at home putting best wins on the way to the Finals last season. Lately they’re in the middle of the pack focused in getting back on top.

But sometimes they just need to poke some fun into the team and for the second year they appear in the H-E-B TV commercial getting Patty Mills to say something Australian.

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H-E-B is a privately owned grocery based in San Antonio, Texas that produce their products from home use or just something you need to grill. It’s interesting that they make their commercial interesting teaming up with the five time NBA World Champions like the San Antonio Spurs and you can all three latest commercials below:

If you’ve been following the San Antonio Spurs it would be a possibility that you might come across with their out of basketball court antics like the H-E-B TV commercials.

Sometimes it suddenly get aired on NBA Premium TV an HD cable channel that broadcast live games and direct US feed that shows these commercials. So its possible that you might have seen these, but then again its entertaining if you have this channel in your subscription chances are you’ll get a few laughs from the team.

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