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11.20.2014 – Foot Locker an American shoe store is popular for their TV commercials featuring athletes taking part in their humorous skits and sometimes making a mockery of them. They mostly have featured NBA athletes like Derrick Rose for adidas.

It could be one of the most entertaining TV ads to watch if you have NBA Premium TV on your cable subscription, since the live feed aside from the games are directly from the US. But this one is rare to have Manny Pacquiao in the mix.

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The famed shoe store is bringing back their annual “Week of Greatness”, which is a promotion in the store since Thanks Giving is just around the corner and Black Friday is looming by the horizon. So Foot Locker launches some TV commercials featuring NBA players and other athletes.

But for Filipinos who doesn’t have the luxury to see it on NBA Premium TV would have the chance to see it at Foot Locker’s Youtube Channel. In the “Week of Greatness” ad two young men discuss about Foot Locker bringing back the promotion in a boxing gym. When suddenly Manny Pacquiao interrupted and misheard that his next match would be the much talked about dream fight with Floyd Mayweather which excites him just watch the clip below:

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