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09.11.2014 - Who was Peter Andre? In the age of social media few would really remember this brilliant artist from Australia. He was relatively unknown to the Philippine music scene, who is just about to make an international debut.

He slowly came to prominence when he was promoting for his third album "Time" which brought hits like "All Night, All Right" (Feat. Warren G & Coolio) and that tropical beat of "Mysterious Girl" that put him in the Philippine radio charts.

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Back then R&B was the popular sounds that capture the beats of the 1990s, which was the flavor of his music. On his first trip to the Philippines he was promoting "Time" that carried the hit singles. Back then when "blogging" was not yet the norm this coverage was first published at the old Geocities site a precursor of this blog in 1997.

In that era chat events was all the rage to interact with personalities and celebrities as social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter was not yet the tools to promote the coverage. Geocities was a free website prior to Yahoo acquiring it before closing down in 2009. Its where to share your random thoughts as Blogspot was not yet the site where to write about events or coverage. But more about sharing personal thoughts rather than doing a coverage of events.

Peter Andre's chat event was not that big but it helped promote his third studio album. This was held at the old Web-Café shop at the second level of Robinsons Galleria, which is now being occupied by Red Ribbon and other establishments.

The mini-event was a collaboration with Monster Radio RX93.1, which did a live feed from the internet shop with Radio1 student DJs present witnessing his chat event.

After the success of the chat event the recoding company and its sponsors invited the staff of the internet shop to hang out with Peter Andre at the Barrio Fiesta in Makati City for dinner. Peter was casual and as recalled back then like any young artist was still trying to test his music outside his country.

Over the years Peter Andre's music style as changed as he matured into one of the memorable artists to visit the Philippines.

Today his style of music are focused into a crooner and ballad singer who recently released a music video for the single Big Night which is part of the Peabody & Sherman soundtrack.

For more LIKE Peter Andre on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at: @MrPeterAndre

Visit the official site at: PeterAndre.com

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