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12.27.2013 – In the little town of Hahndorf, South Australia there’s an art gallery dedicated to promote the artistry of the Aborigine tribe.

Hahndorf is “little Germany” that migrated to Australia on December 28, 1838.

The town had an evolution even changing its name to Ambleside, which is named after the railway station in 1917 but the Australian government due to the First World War in Europe until in the 1930s.

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They have restaurants like The Haus, hotels for travelers on the road, and some nifty finds in one of their German Village Shop that has wooden toys. But what makes this place a complete place to visit is the artistic side that promotes the culture of Australia. This is where the Aboriginal Art House is located.

In this gallery features the native talents of the original Australian, the aborigine which some of their works are for sale.

If you haven’t seen such talented cultures are the aborigine tribe here are some images taken during the quick tour inside the Art House. Not all of the images will be shown as there are some parts of the gallery that does not allow you to take photos of their works.

For now here are some photos of paintings in the lobby area where it is allowed for you see their works that you might want to purchase them. Almost all of them on exhibit are for sale and proceeds will go to the charity the focused in helping the indigenous community of the Aborigine…

The Aboriginal Art House is located in Hahndorf, South Australia which is open 7 days a weeks from 9 AM to 5 PM. For more of the featured artworks LIKE The Artery Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery on Facebook and follow on Instagram at: @thearteryaboriginalart

Visit the official site at: Artery.com.au

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