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10.09.2013 – Music transcends and accepted but sometimes artists who bring him or her does not go the right way. With the case of Miley Cyrus both talented and controversial is like a two-sided coin.

But in the case of having featured her vocal prowess there’s still something good about Miley as a talented individual when it comes to music. As they say it’s all in the presentation of what she stands for but everything else it’s her music that defies her.

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If you have been catching up the show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Jack TV in the Philippines some episodes might be delayed but online he keep tabs of everyone outside of the US through social media and the talented Fallon knows where to hit the high notes.

He continuous to experiment on his show like having his guests featured in a Music Room performing with his in-house band The Roots using instruments that you see in your music subject or an object inside Jimmy’s very own office that sounded cool and unique for the artist perform in a different setting.

With Miley Cyrus it’s something out of her usual “comfort zone” performing in a cappella of her single “We Can’t Stop” with Jimmy and The Roots providing the background music and here how it turned out…

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs on Philippine cable channel JACK TV on Destiny Cable (Channel 30) and SkyCable (Digital Channel 51). For more of the show LIKE Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Facebook!

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