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09.06.2013 – Rush is an upcoming biographical sports drama featuring Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda set during the 1976 season, which stars Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, and Olivia Wylde. The story is written by Peter Morgan.

The film is directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard with soundtrack includes 1970s rock music featuring works by Dave Edmunds, Steve Winwood, Mud, Thiny Lizzy and David Bowie. The Philippine screening has a special event at Powerplant, Rockwell.

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It was an early morning screening that’s being promoted by Captive Cinema and Solar Sports that featured cars from Ferrari at the activity area at the Powerplant provided by Autostrada Motore Inc., which is also supported by Auto Industriya.

Two Ferrari cars on display: The California and the FF as provided by Philippine dealer Autostrada Motore Inc. Besides the two cars on display Auto Industriya provides the interactive experience driving a Formula One race car complete with steering wheels and transmission for you to take that ride to the next level.

If you missed that exhibit featuring the Ferrari cars check out the images taken this morning during the Rush special screening:

Rush opens in Philippine theaters on September 13, 2013 from Captive Cinema!

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