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09.14.2013 – Robert Magnuson’s Kuting Magiting has been sold out since Summer Komikon 2013 and Mini-Komikon respectively. The news about being discontinued has been completely been exaggerated.

But what Magnuson reiterated was the previous format will no longer see print. He quickly posted an early surprise for those hoping to get a copy missing out the first release. It’s not entirely a second print but a new reinvigorated issue.

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As he revealed a few days ago Kuting Magiting will be released with a new format and a brand new cover featuring your favorite feline super hero…

That said means there’s still hope for anyone wanting to catch to grab a copy of the upcoming all-new improved Kuting Magiting #1 this coming Komikon on November 16, 2013 and this time better not miss it.

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