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07.11.2013 – If you’re loyal with one team regardless who’s playing it chances are you’ll be revered with high praises. But for someone who was born in the city that drafted you that’s something special.

Michael Jordan was not born and raised in Chicago but he brought six World Championships to the Windy City.

He was not only revered the city’s savior he was “the God in hardwood” the G.O.A.T (Great Of All Time) forever respected.

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Now there are other players who have worn the red, black and white colors who would make the team significant. Even though you have left the team and played against it you’ll be remember to be Forever Bull. There are highs and lows for the Chicago Bulls until 2008. It was a bull run in 2011 but things where quite down when you’re franchise player got injured and didn’t play for a year.

Last season was a struggle but Nate Robinson provided the spark the team needed in place of your supposed savior. Robinson won’t be returning to the team that eliminated the Brooklyn Nets in the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Now regardless what the press was talking about Derrick Rose who sat out last season you still root for the man. The 2011 Most Valuable Player will definitely have his revenge and next season might that be the year the Bulls will run again…

He’s coming out in the big way and in his return won’t be in a rush but baby steps to bringing back the team who struggled during the 2012-2013 season.

Definitely one fan who made the video knows what the rest of us rooting for the Chicago Bulls is talking about and who can’t wait for his return visit to the Philippines in September?

Definitely there’s a bull run in the horizon and Chicago will be competitive once again.

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