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06.15.2013 – Mike Stilkey a Los Angeles native who has his very first Philippine exhibit dubbed “Discarded Romance” had a simple launch in Full Booked last Friday (June 7, 2013) when it had a heavy rain outside. Inside the dry bright lights of the book store wine is being poured with laughter and celebration as Mike Stilkey chats with the guests.

Behind the small tables and cocktails is the huge 24 foot talk creation by Stilkey which has found a permanent home at Full Booked and along with this beautiful creation is his paintings on display for everyone to appreciate.

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The exhibit didn’t stop here after the silent launch of the exhibit he had a “meet & greet” as well as a quick talk to his longtime fans and new ones who started to appreciate his works that has been featured in galleries across North America and internationally in other countries besides the Philippines.

Mike Stilkey’s creations are impressive as well as inspiring having a unique personality on its own. It might not catch the mainstream attention but it definitely has his trademark written all over it.

If you have missed the opportunity to catch up with Mike Stilkey during the launch of “Discarded Romance” check out the images taken during the unveiling of the exhibit…

Mike Stilkey has already left but his works can still be found at Fully Booked which includes the gigantic painting of a woman and her PINK cant which has found a new home at Fully Booked in the Bonifacio High Street.

For more details about the exhibit LIKE Fully Booked on Facebook and follow Lucy on Twitter: @_ Fullybooked for further inquiries.

Mike Stilkey’s works can be found at MikeStilkey.com and see his portfolio which includes future projects just LIKE his page on Facebook!

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