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06.01.2013 – Long before Tomica had the Dream Tomica series a sub line of licensed pop culture vehicles based from movies, comics and animation they have the Disney Motors consist of vehicles in their Walt Disney themed characters.

The sub line of Disney Motors first came about sometime in 2005 with a line of cars featuring Mickey Mouse and other characters in four wheels. The Disney Motors series expanded featuring also characters from the Pixar Animated studios not to mistaken with the ones that came from Cars like Doc Hudson or Mater.

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With that expansion of the Disney Motors they included the “Disney Pixar Motors” which featured characters from Toy Story and most recently Sulley of Monsters Inc. the top scarier of the animated feature that will be back with the rest of the gang in the upcoming prequel in Monsters University which will be shown this month.

Speaking of Sulley if you haven’t been collecting the “Disney Pixar Motors” series he’s a variation of the most used mold of the Jamboree Cruiser which has some vague similarities to the Philippine Jeepney a small bus that was known as the country’s national vehicle which was based from WW II jeep surplus parts that was retooled into a transport service decked with colorful designs.

The jeepney would be considered one of the iconic “buses” as some foreign visitors who has the chance to ride one. The Jamboree Cruiser would be considered the modern jeepney but the coincidence between the design is far from being inspired by the people handing the Tomica brand that produced by Takara Tomy.

There’s no actual connection or reference between the jeepney designs incorporated to the Jamboree Cruiser as it just looks like it was based from but not officially confirmed nor denied by Takara Tomy designers that they took that idea and put it in this toy.

This version of the Jamboree Cruiser has the Monsters Inc. theme that features the signature helmet and Sulley’s skin but no fur included. Like all special sub lines from Tomica you can still nitpick and look bothered by the tires or wheels they use in the vehicles. The Jamboree Cruiser could have benefitted better tires or wheels than the standard ones often seen in the regular line of die cast collectibles.

But then again you have to look at it in a bigger picture that the standard tires or wheels used in the Jamboree Cruiser would grow on you and understand that it fits the “jeepney” appearance of this rare Disney Motor.

Overall the Monsters Inc theme on the Jamboree Cruiser works wonders having previously done it with Tigger, Mickey Mouse, and the Aliens from Toy Story which was available in the Philippine market.

This version of the Jamboree Cruiser was sold in Singapore which was acquired on September 2012 in Gift Greetings at Great World City Mall for $9.95 SG dollars.

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