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05.16.2013 – Fast & Furious 6 has been one of the highly anticipated films for 2013. The sixth installment of the growing franchise has not stop churning new concepts, ideas, and kept the action fresh with perspective that every car enthusiast would be proud to see this.

Principle actors Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez with co-stars Luke Evans and Gina Carano visited the Philippines for the Manila Premier. The actors along with Neal H. Moritz where present when they arrives the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia that has become a mad house for the red carpet premier of the film.

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The actors has been in the world tour promoting the screening for Fast & Furious 6 and Manila gave the biggest reception of them all as their last trip before going back to the US for the May 21st red carpet at Universal Studios.

Fast 6 as its name has been in post-production since they wrapped up the fifth film and it draw a bigger picture that expanded the franchise when Vin Diesel returned to the fourth film which was the re-genesis of the franchise. The core value since they started this journey is all about “family” which will test the character’s closeness not only as a team or a unit but in a whole bigger perspective.

There’s something fresh and new about Fast 6 like a brand new car model that keeps churning a notch when the level of action has set the bar that would definitely find you wanting to see more.

This marks Justin Lin’s last directorial role for the franchise but it will leave you something to think about how the scenarios will be played out. Definitely there will be some serious car crashes and based on the trailer you know there’s going to be big wheels and threads involve rolling the highway at tops speeds that you won’t know what will be the outcome of this road rage.

Besides the action at the heart of the core is Dominic Toretto who holds the team together and you also got Brian O’Connor. Both men have been there from the start and once see this film the characters you have known have grown up.

There will be new players and former friends back in the mix that would definitely give you something to look forward to. Fast 6 maybe the film is like a TV series in the big screen with a huge budget that keeps on getting bigger with the stunts, explosion and of course the cars that they blow up in every scene.

If you’re looking for babes, cars, and plenty of action Fast & Furious 6 is the film to see as they say it’s not over yet now that a 7th film has entered production for you to see these characters back for some more road mayhem.

Ohh… Don’t leave the cinema as the credits roll there might be a surprise for everyone now that there will be another film. If you’re wondering how Tokyo Drift fits in the timeline this last scene will give you the reason why…

Fast & Furious 6 officially opens in Philippine cinemas on May 24, 2013 from Universal Pictures and locally distributed by Solar Entertainment!

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