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04.02.2013 – For every Jordan shoe there is history which quite still fascinating for those who collect Michael’s legendary sneakers. There’s one particular shoe that is historic and it tells the story how he made the #LastShot as a Chicago Bull to win the sixth ring.

During the game 6 of the NBA Finals on June 14, 1998 Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan XIV and it was not yet released until early of 1999.

It was inspired by his Ferrari Maranello supercar and he only have field tested the shoe during the playoffs.

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The AJ XIV appeared in the playoffs sometime making small cameo appearances during the Eastern Conference Finals alternating with the AJ XIII for a couple games. But you’ll never notice that if your eye was on the ball he was dribbling. The AJ XIV was never out in the market and since Michael already know what’s been happening he did not hesitate to use the shoes in the NBA Finals when they met the Utah Jazz once again.

Michael already written off his history knowing this was already his final season in the NBA and by no means who took advantage of the moment in using the AJ XIV. The story of course was history where he made is his #LastShot with those pair.

It was reissued in sometime in 2005 to commemorate its 20th anniversary which saw the release of other retro Js. It became available again in 2011 as this promotional video would describe the history of the shoe…

The Air Jordan XIV is a legendary shoe that first came out in early 1999 which has been sought after by collectors because of its rich history being Michael Jordan’s last shoe to be worn as a Chicago Bulls in its black colorway.

There will be a time it will be available again but rarely on retail but through specialty sneaker stores that carry the exclusive release of this shoes and be proud to be one of the few to have it.

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