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03.03.2013 – Pocoyo the popular Spanish pre-school animated television series is not only popular with the younger audience but with parents and those who appreciate simple 3D animated shows. Pocoyo breaks the genre not only for kids and parents but those who are captivated by the little boy’s imaginative adventures.

Set in the 3D Space, Pocoyo embarks his adventures along with his friends Elly the Elephant and Pato who also gained popularity of the series during its 104 episodes divided in two seasons.

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Pocoyo’s popularity expands outside the 3D space and into the collectible merchandise. There were different variations of the characters depicted from figurines to the most sought after plush toys.

The Philippines generally having Pocoyo merchandise recently which was also on clearance that was gobbled up by the fans that followed the animated 3D series.

This one most wanted collectible is the doll/plush version of Pocoyo standing at 8 inches that is scaled with Pato was previously featured. Of course Elly the Elephant can only be found in a smaller scale along with a similar hand puppet version of the little boy in blue.

Packaged and tied in an open box Pocoyo is entirely a plush toy with a doll face painted accurately based in the animated series. The toy is manufactured by Bandai under license from Zenkia Entertainment which was originally released in 2005. Retailed on clearance at PhP 350.00 rarely you’ll ever see any versions of Pocoyo and friends soon.

Behind the packaging depicts other versions of the doll/plush toy and for every fan who wants to have the little boy in blue in your home consider yourself fortunate to find one.

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