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03.26.2013 – If you have seen their first film debut in 2010’s Tron Legacy then you’ll want to catch up and get a copy of their upcoming album in “Random Access Memories” and it’s a timely release to what you’ll get besides dropping to the their beats.

For anyone who can’t get enough Daft Punk in their system and has followed the band’s succession even prior to their first film debut then you might turn up the funk with the announcement of their very own action figure from Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai makers of S.H. Figurearts a series of popular licensed pop culture characters.

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It’s already making headlines online that Bandai will have the figures released in November 2013 for the S.H. Figurearts and with that it’s definitely a great time for Daft Punk fans to rejoice!

The high-end advanced action figure series is one of Bandai’s high-end products for collectors and these are coming out based from the group’s likeness which have metallic painted helmets for that shiner look that first appeared in the scenes of Tron Legacy.

These Daft Punk figures feature precise articulation for recreation of a variety of poses. Standing at 15cm these figures is a definite MUST HAVE for any Daft Punk fan out there not only following their sound but having something to have in their collection. But you got wait for it for the release in November for now just have to catch the release of their upcoming album this May!

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