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02.10.2013 – Travelling to Baguio City takes almost eight hours and it’s sometimes a very bumpy ride. But it also depends on how well you travel for this of course a rented van and an early reservation at a cottage in what some call the haunted Teacher’s Camp.

Komikon Inc., the group behind the successful Komiks Convention in the Philippines was traveling up north to show support for the Baguio Komikon which happened yesterday. Of course our intrepid cast of characters from the Philippine Comics Community who joined the journey has full of enthusiasm.

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The travel began at the break of dawn as early as 4AM the rented Mercedes-Benz van started picking the selected few who showed interest in this trip. Each pick up point has a designated group where prepared for this journey.

During the travel there were two stopovers prior to going up the hills of Baguio City and plenty of laughs along the way nit picking some street signs or just the usual jokes that was left over from the Iloilo trip from last year seems like yesterday which eventually happened early in December 2012. Of course the sight of Baguio city as one of the tourist spots in the Philippines could not be ignored for its cold weather and warm people.

You can say it’s one of the closest places outside of Manila that doesn’t need air travel when you can trek through land with a group of friends for the summer or even during the harshest weather on Christmas month.

Arriving in Baguio before noon time on a Friday, the adventure begins with a mouth-watering feast courtesy of Komikon at the “Kalapaw: A Taste of Laoag” after a long trip on the road.

The bump and grind that got every shaken close to be stirred has definitely left everyone pleading for nourishment. After confirming the reservation at Teacher’s Camp the group rested in their designated rooms. In the cottage it can accommodate three people per room and comfy enough to see a fireplace to get a warm evening if have plans.

But then again there’s an extra charge if you plan to light up the fireplace. Of course the television doesn’t do justice for the cottage fairly large living room. For every push of the button to use the television it charge you PhP 150.00 pesos.

The entertainment is not as exciting as you’ll expect but then again when you are with eleven other people you got other options than sticking to a TV slightly smaller than a standard laptop screen.

In the evening of course dinner serves right but prior to that you need supplies for the next few days of your stay and the cottage does not provided those like towels, toothpaste, shampoo, soap or even a roll of tissue paper.

Overall the first day from Manila to Baguio has been a good trip now it all depends on your options how you take this travel. Either you take a scheduled bus or travel with a group of friends or rent a van that has a professional driver that’s skilled enough to bring you safely in your road trips.

It all comes down to budget and your choice where to stay just to spend the weekend in the cold capital place that is Baguio City.

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