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02.11.2013 – Calvin and Hobbes was originally a daily comic strip that was written and illustrated by Bill Watterson and was syndicated for almost 10 years from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995.

The story follows the humorous antics of a six year old boy named Calvin and Hobbes, a sardonic stuffed tiger which was featured in over 2,400 newspapers worldwide at the height of its popularity. The strip tells the adventures of Calvin through his flights of fantasy and his friendship with Hobbes.

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This also examines Calvin’s relationships with his family and friends. Hobbes of course to anyone is just an inanimate stuffed toy but for Calvin he’s a live anthropomorphic tiger.

It has been years since the comic strip has ended its run but the fans continue to pay tribute to the series. Lately there have been a lot of wallpaper renditions of the two main characters and you can see how interesting they are depicted as your computer background. One particular user going in the name of “Nite4wk” has uploaded 15 images of Calvin and Hobbes on imgur depicting them in different scenes and adventures which you would definitely make it as your wallpaper.

For all the Calvin and Hobbes fans here are some selected images that were shared online that you might like to use as your desktop computer.

Just right click on the image and save to feed your Calvin and Hobbes inspirations…

You view and download the rest of the wallpaper HERE!

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