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01.07.2013 – People’s Park known originally as PTA Grounds located in Davao City first opened on December 15, 2007 and it has become a place for people to relax and admire the view of this place is VERY MUCH open to the public.

The park features a mini-forest, interactive fountains, waterfalls and ponds, a kid's toy land with large sculptures by Kublai Millan representing indigenous groups in Southern Mindanao and the Philippine eagle are some of the main attractions for you to see.

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It was a gloomy Sunday that we get the chance to see the place due to that every month of January Davao City is being drenched in the rain. Currently some added “seasonal” sculptures are seen at the park. They are mostly Christmas themed ornaments that would be taken down in the next few days

Just like ANY park it has its own unique personality that would leave you a lasting impression such as inspiring sculptures inspired by what is Davao City. It’s a large playground for everyone who just wants to relax and enjoy the man-made nature themed scenery.

If you haven’t been to Davao City and visited People’s Park IF and when you have the chance please take the advantage to visit this simple place.

Take a look at some of the images that was taken during the trip under the gloomy weather conditions…

People’s Park is opened Mondays to Sundays it’s located in the heart of the city right across Casa Leticia at the corners of Jose Camus and J. Palma Gil streets, and is a walking distance from Apo View Hotel, Mandaya Hotel, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, commercial establishments, and entertainment areas.

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