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01.05.2013 – If you happen to travel Davao City and accidentally tuning in to a westernized radio station chances are your listening to Monster Radio BT 99.5 FM. Its Monster Radio RX93.1’s sister station located in the heart of Davao City. Monster Radio BT 99.5 has been on-air for almost 11 years and just like its relative station in Metro Manila they “Monsterized” your FM dial.

BT brings you to the 1990s “feel” kind of format that reminds us about the time radio in Manila had a unique personality. The All-English radio station has some similar programs that RX93.1 has and still using as the main template.

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We got the chance to visit Paul Wiggy during the weekend at his Monster’s Top 30 show featuring the hit songs that was requested by local “Dabawenyos” in the city. Of course this show gets to be replayed on Sundays at 6 to 9AM as the man himself takes a day off. You don’t want Paul become a zombie as he does his morning show “The Gimmick’s” regularly on the weekdays from 6-9AM Mondays to Fridays.

The radio station is not difficult to find when you’re residing within Davao City. It’s actually located at Gaisano Mall’s “The Peak” the latest recreation area of the commercial building.

You won’t miss it once you reached the top most floor but if you get lost inside the mall just ask the guards for direction and they will direct you there. The office is enough to employ good hearted residents of Davao City and Paul Wiggy was kind enough to give us a quick tour.

Monster Radio BT 99.5 is on-air Mondays to Sundays until 12 midnight with the occasional off-air during the holy week. BT is like RX in the 1990s that tries to cater an undeveloped and "conservative" market. It first went on-air sometime in May 2002 and went on regular programming in October of the same year which has not left Gaisano Mall since. Let’s hope they stay there since it’s not easy finding a location that is bigger than Metro Manila.

The BT booth has a better view where it’s located on top of Gaisano Mall’s recreation area in “The Peak” and you can see far beyond the buildings around it.

Usually Paul Wiggy is the man who will welcome you to the BT booth if you drop by Saturday mornings and you won’t be able to go to the station until the mall is opened at 10AM. As mentioned above the Monster’s Top 30 gets replayed on Sunday’s but if you have a song in their playlist that deserves to be number one drop your request through their Facebook page or send a text message.

The view at the BT booth is quite captivating which is rare for a radio station to have and most of them are located inside office buildings with no windows. The RX booth once had a window view last year when its original booth was having a renovation during the summer.

Monster Radio BT 99.5 has a potential to make your station to define your music and if you’re in town show your support.

LIKE Monster Radio BT99.5 on Facebook and visit the official site at: BT995.webs.com

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