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01.10.2013 – Last night’s Les Misérables gala premiere at the performing arts theatre was prestigious and was graced by certain personalities who has been anticipating this film. It has been talked about for months prior to its screening in some regions of Asia.

Last night was no other premiere and prior to the debacle that ended in the cancellation of the screening the night was perfect. ALMOST that everything was perfect from the welcoming red carpet down to the performances by well-known personalities led by composer Ryan Cayabyab. Well until everything was talked about in the social media.

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If you haven’t seen what went down last night before the cancellation screening here are some images taken in the red carpet for you to see…

Les Misérables is a British musical drama which has an ensemble cast featuring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried.

The film is produced by Universal Pictures which will be shown in theaters on January 16, 2013 distributed in the Philippines by Solar Entertainment - United International Pictures!

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