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12.23.2012 – Mas Shafreen aka Wanton Doodle had a talk last night prior to the main event which was a doodle collaboration with local doodlers in Doodle Art Enthusiast, Garapata, and his counterpart in WeeWillDoodle the pioneer that started it all in the Philippines.

The talk was about what inspired Mas and the history of his humble beginnings. He discussed how the philosophy and the inspiration behind what made him known in Singapore’s art and culture. Mas have extended his stay in the country to support Arkiv Vilmansa who had his 3rd exhibit.

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Originally Mas booked short stay in Manila just to witness the unveiling of Arkiv’s exhibit that was extended for the Boracay trip with the Vinyl on Vinyl crew who has been supportive of his works.

His first trip to the Philippines was inspiring just like his fellow countrymen from Singapore’s comics industry who visited a week earlier for a short talk in one of Manila’s prestigious universities. Mas trip already made him decided to come back next year.

If you missed the pre-doodle talk with Mas Safreen here are some images captured that inspired the crowd who came and had fun with the man known as Wanton Doodle…

Of course the doodle event was a success it made more meaning what the Mayans are trying to convey that the media magnified it to appear as if they have predicted the end of the world. They actually meant by new beginnings that ushered great collaborations.

If this video has something to say about not having in experimenting and keep doing different things then it must be inspiration to greatness…

WANTONDOODLE x Various Artists: 12.21.12 Doodle (Timelapse) from Marvene Rom Munda on Vimeo.

Vinyl on Vinyl has been around since February 2010 and they continue to push the envelope to promote the art and urban culture that represent independence not riding the hype of mainstream. But they bring talent creating new things which defined what is to be inspired.

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