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12.21.2012 – If you have been familiar with The World of Cars you’ll know some interesting characters that Lightning McQueen first encountered when he got lost in the town called Radiator Springs. Sarge is owner and proprietor of a small military surplus shop next to Filmore a classic VW van hippie that sells "organic fuel."

Notably the odd couple between Sarge and Filmore was first told in the first animated. Of course Sarge with his grouchy disposition can still tolerate Filmore’s antics which make these two interesting characters that had a spotlight thus the popularity of the toys when it first came out.

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The first release of Cars die cast toys back in 2006 has met with high regard for collectability and Sarge is one of those hard to find characters in the bunch. It also met some controversy when Mattel announced a recall some of their products that contain led and Sarge is one of those characters listed has having hazardous paint that needs to be returned.

Of course some collectors did not now follow suit and kept the sealed version of the old grouchy WW2 military jeep in pristine condition knowing that it will fetch more value in the collectible market. Due to its led content and its characters rarity Sarge was definitely hard to find.

Even when Mattel started releasing newer versions of the character the standard version has been flying off shelf racks that end up in the secondary market. The “moving eyes” version with lenticular stickers instead of painted eyes found its own popularity. This particular version was found in a department store in Iloilo City somewhere in the Western Visayas on his lonesome that was half the priced and it was a definite steal even though the card backing was banged up.

Sarge is designed after a World War 2 military jeep and the details can be seen here. Both sides show his rank in Sargent and the rear plate number shows “41WW2” that he’s a war veteran. There were several versions of Sarge and previously “Pit Crew Sarge” was featured having a red gas can stuck in the front part near his fenders.

There was no difference in comparison between the two versions with the exception of the red gas can and other than that both are almost identical. There still difference with the slight darker shade of green can be evident on the rank insignia.

Of course you can’t just have Sarge alone without his neighbour in Filmore which was he odd couple in the movie. In Cars 2 their roles have been reduced to being part of Team Lightning McQueen and that’s another version of Sarge that has the “lightning” badge on both sides replacing his rank insignia. That particular version went back to the painted eyes rather than having the lenticular sticker that makes his eyes “move.”

These days the best way to find this version of Sarge right now is through secondary market or specialty shops as he is one of the main characters being a resident of Radiator Springs. Even though being a second tier character the banter between Filmore makes him an interesting individual to watch in both movies as well as Cars story shorts featuring Mater.

The World of CarsMoving EyesSarge is originally retailed at PhP 499.75 pesos and it’s currently on clearance for PhP 250.00 pesos if you can find one.

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